The Upper Room Mission board have met with Mari Järvinen the Organizational Psychologist and Startup & Scaleup Coach and founder at Profounder. This is what Mari wrote:

With so many bad things happening these days, it’s sometimes hard to see and remember the good things out there. When there is so much we can’t influence, it can be good to look at what we can do to make the world a bit better. Here’s a picture of part of the team of The Upper Room Mission (together with Maria Leppäkari) in Jerusalem, during a combined dinner and coaching session. Who are they, you say?

The Upper Room was created to be a non-profit incubator and platform for Christian youth in the Holy Land, providing grants, business coaching and access to resources to people who want to start and run their own businesses. In addition to the challenging economic and political situation around them, during the pandemic many people in this community have suffered from the loss of income from tourism. Many young Christian Palestinians don’t see a future where they are, but since the start of the first Upper Room coaching program in January, it is also clear that there is great enthusiasm to build something new. I think that through these grassroot movements that things can really change.I know there are many investors, successful entrepreneurs and other good people in my network, so if you could help them with funding, advice, resources or connections, let me know and I’ll connect you! They’ve already worked with Ensimetri from Tampere and many others in their own community. I’ve also had the privilege to meet with them a few times already to facilitate their processes.

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