“Jerusalem 30th March 2022

Norwegian Seamen’s Church, Sjømannskirken Rev. Leif Magne Helgesen who frequently visits Jerusalem was during his recent visit introduced to the Upper Room Mission.

Amazed by the mission’s entrepreneurship coaching achievements together with the Finnish Ensimetri entrepreneurship training program in this short period of time, Rev. Leif Magne Helgesen congratulated the Upper Room Mission.

The Upper Room Mission team and pilot project participants are grateful for his support and continuous prayers for this mission.

On photo Rev. Leif Mane Helgesen with URM advisor Rev., Dr. Maria Leppäkari at Damascus Gate admiring the lights of the season of Ramadan.”

Rev. Leif Mane Helgesen words were: “Your project is powerful, both in a small scale, and in a bigger scale. It has the possibility to do a change for individuals as well as for the Christian community – and for Jerusalem as a city and a place to live.

I wish you all the strength and spirit to build this organization further.”

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